Model change notice: HV600S Series And HV500F Series

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Model change notice: HV600S Series And HV500F Series

(Low Frequency Series)

HV600S08  or  HV550S08 = ESJC60S08

HV600S10  or  HV550S10 = ESJC60S10

HV600S12  or  HV550S12 = ESJC60S12

HV600S15  or  HV550S15 = ESJC60S15

HV600S20  or  HV550S20 = ESJC60S20

HV600S25  or  HV550S25 = ESJC60S25

HV600S30  or  HV550S30 = ESJC60S30

(High Frequency Series)

HV500F08 = ESJC50F08

HV500F10 = ESJC50F10

HV500F12 = ESJC50F12

HV500F15 = ESJC50F15

HVGT 2015-04-18

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